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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

There's a unicorn inside of all of us!

This session has been identified as a "favorite!"

Have you lost your Inner Sparkle? Don’t worry — it’s not gone forever. It’s just waiting for YOU to throw a gigantic, glittered-powered Welcome Home party! This 2 part key note session will show you how to transform from being overwhelmed to overjoyed — and take small-but-strong steps in the direction you truly want your life to be. To energize your batteries + reclaim your inner sparkle that gets lost in the shuffle of being that one person that wears many different hats and help you be happier with yourself, instead of looking outside for happiness. You will learn how to “sparkle like you mean it” and “not let anyone ever dull your sparkle” while “leaving a little bit of sparkle wherever you go.

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